Poonam Saini

Head Trustee

She is B.A, M.A; one of the Founder of Rhythm Foundation is an ordinary woman with an extraordinary heart with high gratitude. She is born and brought up in a middle class family having Grandparents, Parents with one brother and three sisters all living under the same roof. She has grown up watching her father working hard for livelihood being the only earning member in a family of eight members. She had a passion in dancing from her early days but somewhere it was being compromised due to financial constraints of family. Nevertheless being talented student, she worked very hard, gained scholarships and completed her education with a degree in dance. She had many ups and down but she was determined to get through resulting today, she is committed to the society by making a sustainable difference in life of the under privileged children. She has been actively involved in teaching dance to the children and in organizing various cultural events for boosting up the self-confidence in children and raising funds for the underprivileged.

Although she had been trying to set-up a non-profiteering NGO Rhythm Foundation since last ten years but this happened in Jan 2017 when it got registered and stamped from the state government in the name RHYTHM FOUNDATION.

Ashok Mehta

Managing Trustee

He is MBA (Operations), PGJMC, PHDBM and a Management professional has huge experience of 30 years in working life. He has been working in many organizations starting with Indian Air Force then in education, real estate, IT, Telecom and facility management in multi-national companies. He has achieved much recognition during his tenor in Indian Air Force as well as in private sector. His goal in life is to achieve the target within timeline with utmost sincerity and honesty. Born in lower class family in Bhiwani Haryana raised his life with determination and joined national force on its own and shown courage to leave Government job after serving 16 years to do something different in life. He took it up with great mental strength and his enthusiasm to do something for society lead him in founding this NGO RHYTHM Foundation.

He is working on senior position in private sector and is helping rest of the Rhythm foundation members to do something for society as one is not great if he is doing something different but who does things differently. As ‘A.P.J. Abdul Kalam quotes “Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep’’

Sonia Kumar

General Secretary

She is a proactive member and founder of Rhythm Foundation; working as a Director in multinational network-marketing organisation and active member of Pastor Committee of St. Peter’s Church. She has a dynamic personality with visionary thoughts for society. She is a spiritual and religious in nature and has seen struggle since her childhood as her family was always hand to mouth with two young brothers and a sister along with parents. She completed her schooling and situation didn’t allow her to peruse further studies and she was forced to take up at very early age to help her family. Beside all struggle and circumstances, one thing was never changed in her was ‘To forward to the success and achieve her goals’. She has been well connected with people and always ready to support people who are helpless and in need to have support. She became social activist and she felt utmost mankind satisfaction in helping other people.

She is a sheer visionary and optimistic as her bitter past could not change her determination and attitude towards life and achieved height of success and became the voice of several needed one. She has been example for other and keeps on motivating other members of the RHYTHM Foundation.

Savitri Semwal

Joint Secretary

She is B.A, M.A belongs to Tehri Garhwal, Uttrakhand and she is one of founder of Rhythm Foundation. She has been involved in social activities and completed her diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education and pursuing diploma in Naturopathy and Yoga. She has 5 years’ experience in teaching (early age of children) and interested in art and craft activities. She has habit to help needy and poor people and likes to interact with them as well. She is a sensitive woman which encourage her to support people who are find ways in their life and feels hounour to work for under privileged people.

Krishan Kumar


He is a self-defence coach and impart free of cost training to students specially girls in taekwondo and judo. He is a black belt and teaching needy students and also engaged in social activities with helping people who are really in need of help.

He is always available for the support despite not having higher education, he has all the knowledge about society and use to come forward to take-up responsibilities to organise cleanliness event under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and execute in a better manner.